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Blue Ridge Fly-Fishing

                      Natalie Sharp -  Guide  

Experience the art of fly-fishing in the beautiful Trout Capital of North Georgia in Blue Ridge, GA.  Imagine a half day or full day wade trip of guided fly-fishing on the pristine Noontootla Creek or the headwaters of the Toccoa River, followed by a lite or full gourmet lunch at the rivers' edge served with your favorite choice of beverage is the perfect ending to your fly-fishing adventure.  

 Which fly-fishing adventure describes your dream?  Are you coordinating a client outing?  Scheming plans for a girls-only weekend getaway?  Seeking a fun and new experience to share with your loved one?   Celebrating a special occasion- anniversary or birthday?  Looking for that perfect and unusual gift for a special friend?  A family vacation outing? Curious about whether you may cast your way into a new hobby?  At Sharper Bites - it's all about an experience and making fly- fishing fun!

About your Guide -  Natalie grew up river and deep-sea fishing in Florida with her father and took up fly fishing as a hobby in 2000 to relieve the stress of her day job.  Falling in love with the sport, the rivers, creeks and the quaintness of Blue Ridge, the hobby that began as stress reliever soon became Natalie's passion to share with others.  Combining her love for cooking and fly-fishing, Natalie created SharperBites to fulfill her vision of the ultimate fun for a relaxing and unique fly-fishing experience while escaping to the beautiful mountains of Blue Ridge, GA known as the Trout Capital of Georgia,

Natalie with her disarming personality, sense of humor, and expertise provide the perfect learning experience for your fly-fishing adventure while relaxing in Blue Ridge.  And to remember  your fly-fishing experience each guest receives a CD of photographs - memories to last a lifetime and share with family and friends.                        

Call today and book your trip!  All is equipment is provided.  Just bring your fishing license with a trout stamp, polarized sunglasses, hat/sun visor, (2) pair of sport socks, rain jacket, a change of clothes and long underwear (if fishing during the winter months).

      Bringing a change of clothes is always  a
  good idea, just in case you get wet !


Natalie grows her own lettuce and tomatoes during the
Spring and Summer seasons. She is known for her gourmet
summer salad with glazed pecans, mandarin oranges,
avacado, dried cranberries-   All served rivers


At SharperBites, lunch
at the river's edge  is all part of the experience!  Choose from a boxed "lite lunch" or a "full gourmet lunch"   at the river's edge. 
 booked a SharperBites flyfishing trip for my wife's Birthday.  She has been wanting to try fly fishing for awhile.  The fishing was great but the gourmet lunch unbelievable. Natalie's attention to the dining details is exactly what  my  wife  enjoys!   We  both are hooked and will be back. We love Blue Ridge".    
                               Jeanne & Alec  Atlanta, GA 
 A corporate outing with a lite picnic lunch at creekside."

Ladies Day -
"There isn't a better way to spend a day with friends than with a SharperBites flyfishing adventure.  We all caught fish!  Some of us had never fished before and some us were repeat guests."      Susie & The Fl Gang

        "Alright, so we got a bit carried away with harrasment of Joe. 
                  Fishing with SharperBites is always a fun outing.
                            We can't wait to return in the Spring."  

Katherine's first time fly fishing and first catch male Brook Trout.  
                                        Catch Date  May 24, 2013

            Cast Your Way Into A New Hobby  
With A SharperBites Fly Fishing Adventure!

Frances is proud of her first 20" Brown Trout catch.
What a beautiful fish and so fun to catch. 
Catch Date   June 7, 2013   
Randy Durden, Blue Ridge, GA

Janice Durden  with her 28" in Rainbow. while it wasn't the biggest it was close.  The saying below is applies to all of us female fly fishers.  Janice has already booked her Spring trip with SharperBites.  She has become an avid fly fisher and loves fishing with her husband Randy.

Breck Davis and his underwater view of his beautiful Brown.

    Breck Davis with his beautiful Brown.
Cleveland, TN

Ben Moorlang,   Atlanta, GA

A damsel fly  landed on our wading staff . . .  
 a kindred spirit fishing with us today!

Charlie Sadler's  9.2 lb BEAUTIFUL BROWN!
March 14, 2014

Charlie Sadler back for his annual Spring trip with SharperBites and landed a Brook, and Trophy Rainbow.        Marxh 14, 2014

Daniel Skahen, Director, Marketing Services at Georgia 
Department of Economic Development, landed this 
beautiful 23"  13.5" Girth, 5.5 lb Rainbow - caught on a red midge. 
                 April 12, 2014


Call Today!!
Natalie is available to guide on two miles of private 
TROPHY WATER  on Noontootla Creek.
 and 2200 feet on the headwaters of the Toccoa River .  
Trips will be booked on  water according to the availability
and needs/experience of her guests.  
 If you prefer a male guide just let Natalie
know when booking a trip.

Shore lunches are available with advanced notice
 to complete an exceptional day on the water.  
Enjoy sitting by the river "where fly fishing meets a touch of heaven and trophy trout are plentiful".

The SMILE says it all  for this NEWBIE Fly fisher.  Corey, (age 16) was treated by his parent for a trip with SharperBites and was thrilled when he landed this 28" 9 lb rainbow.  The morning started with learning techniques and skills.  Corey was able to put everything he learned to hook several other trophy trout which eluded the catch but made the day a success when he landed this trophy trout.     September 15, 2014

Sam (Samantha) put together a family trip and is shown here helping son Chris hold this 24 " female rainbow.  There were six in the
group and everyone hooked  and landed fish.  
Another succesfull outing with SharperBites.     September 3, 2014

Greg Adams from Blairsville, GA catch of the day was this 27"  16" Girth 8.64 lb rainbow on the headwaters of the Toccoa.  Greg's
largest catch on a fly rod.  Greg is a regular client with SharperBites
and still in search of a 30" plus.       Catch Date  09/06/2014

Mathew Fitzgerald  from South Florida fishes for permit fish,  
Bonefish and Tarpon.  He decided to  cast his way into fishing North Georgia Noontootla Creek in the Trout Capital of Georgia.
  Masterful at site fishing best describes this  angler.
 Watching him site fish and land this beautiful Rainbow
was a thrill.   It was an exceptional day of dry fly fishing.
Another GREAT DAY in the outside office! 

                               August 6, 2014 

Grant shared a day with Madison fishing for trophy trout on the headwaters of the Toccoa River where Madison proceeded
to catch this 30" 10.8 lb Rainbow for her first catch.
 While Madison caught the biggest Grant had an exceptional day
 with the most fish caught.  He is quite an accomplished fly fisher.
What a day -   a trip they both will long cherish and remember
  At SharperBites we are all about  having fun and creating memories!
                        July 28, 2014

Bruce Sanson landed this beautiful male  at Noontootla Creek Farms. -  Caught on a large white streamer and he hit hard. 
                    July 18, 2014

While everyone wants to land the BIG ONE,
sometimes its all about looking at the beauty in a small
fish hoping that years from now it will become that
BIG ONE . . .  just enjoy the day for whatever it brings.. .  
                                                        Caught on Noontootla Creek

                                            July 12, 2014

A GREAT DAY on Nootootla Creek with Grant Fitts.
 Grant has turned into quite a fly fisher and  has developed
all the skills to pursue this hobby.  Now our goal is to find  
and land that big Brown trout that  has eluded us.
                             July 9, 2014

  How can Ralph Artigliere, past President of Blue Ridge TU Chapter be smiling with a broken Sage rod in his hand?  
Because a BIG FISH broke it  . . .    and Sage has a lifetime warranty! 
It was a GREAT DAY watching this expert maneuver Noontootla Creek.  Sharing tips back and forth  was a big highlight of the day.
   Thanks Ralph!

Proud of her largest catch to date - Caught on Noontootla Creek
Martha Hannin
 May 29, 2014

  A fisherman once said- "You want to catch a fish, then you want to catch many fish, then you want to catch bigger fish.  Now that I have done those I can just relax and enjoy fishing".

Sometimes fly fishing is all about the beauty of nature all around us.

It was a couples day with Susan and Jason -  
Newbies from Florida hit the waters
 to try their hand at fly fishing -  Both caught fish but
Susan's Rainbow seen here was the catch of the day.  
June 19, 2014

Grant returned for another fishing lesson.  This time his goal was to catch a Brook and a Brown trout.  He succeeded getting the Brook but the Brown has eluded him once again.  But he will be back to try on another day.  So glad Grant still wants to fish with his Granny Nanny.

June 2014

Grant Fitts  Age 15 lands this beautiful female trout on the Toccoa headwaters after a long fight  up three waterfalls, and  crawling under laurel (check out his video).  
Someone asked why he wasn't smiling ?  
At age 15 you smile on the inside!